Terms & Conditions/FAQ

Frequently asked questions about the Smart for Two by Mercedes Benz

Are these cars safe to drive?
Absoultely! Smart for Twos are 5 star crash test rating. With a steel roll cage (TRIDEON) that encases the whole vehicle for peace of mind.

Are the Gas or Electric?
All our Smart for Twos are powered by 92 octane PREMIUM unleaded Gasoline. They can get nearly 40MPG.

Can they go around the Island?
Absolutely! Smart for Twos can reach highway speeds super easily with their MANUAL-MATIC transmissions.

How does PICK-UP/DROP-OFF work?
Renting and Returning are a breeze…Quick pick-up at our location:444 Niu Street, inside the upper lobby of the Hawaiian Monarch Hotel:
(808)735-5000 from 9am to 5pm 7 days a week!

How big is the trunk space?
The space is 12 cubic ft., enough for 2 suitcases or a Golf bag, or 2 boogie boards…you catch the drift!! Endless possibilities!!

Is there a deposit?
NO! No deposit is required to process an order! 

What is the Age requirements to rent a Smart for Two?
All Smart for Two renters need to meet age standards of 21 or older. Second driver fee of only $10 dollars.

What’s your business hours?
Our business hours are 9AM to 5PM 7 days a week. We do not have AFTER HOURS drop off!

Do we need insurance coverage?
YES! If you have your own insurance on your own vehicle that is valid and has LEISURE COVERAGE, you are welcome to use it. Otherwise our insurance coverage is only: $25 dollars per day.

Do they have GPS?
ABSOLUTELY! GPS is available for rent for an additional $25.00 per day